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Tami Renae Photography

City: Missoula
Phone: 406.930.0349

Missoula, MT 59801

Tami finds true joy in telling beautiful stories of love, capturing your intimate connections and creating masterpieces of light to illustrate the heartbeat of your family. During your session, play in the river, folic through the grass or hike to a secret forest grove. You have Tami’s permission to get your feet dirty, do a silly dance, or let your special someone hold you in a long, sexy embrace. Be free in the moment—free to be in your body, free to connect with yourself and your family, free to let your love shine in just the right light, so it can be captured as a beautiful piece of art. Have a keepsake to remind you (and the whole world) of how amazing love can be! To remind you to let go of expectations and just enjoy the experience. To love and be loved! It’s the most beautiful, powerful, and priceless thing there is.

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News from Glacier National Park Currently all of the Going-to-the-Sun Road is open for travel.

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